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HEALTH CLUSTER BULLETIN Gaziantep January 2020

 On the 10th January 2020, the UN Security Council adopted UNCS Resolution #2504 extending the cross-border operations out of Bab al-Salam and Bab al-Hawa (Turkey) for six months, until the 10th July 2020.  
• The resolution excluded the cross-border through Al-Ramtha and Al Yarubiyah (Jordan and Iraq). The resolution calls for an independent review of cross-border operations and improved monitoring of delivery and distribution of relief within 6 months. 
• By the end of January, the ongoing NWS military operation escalated significantly and displaced more than 500,000 IDPs.  
• Inter-Cluster Northwest Syria Readiness and Response Plan was released by OCHA on 31st January 2020. The plan focuses only on critical gaps in people’s humanitarian needs and funding needs related to the increased hostilities in northwest Syria that began in December 2019, as projected until end-July 2020. In total, over 2.8 million people in northwest Syria – displaced people and host communities – require humanitarian assistance and are exposed to ongoing hostilities and disruption of services.  
• On January 31st WHO emergency committee declared the Novel Coronavirus 2019 outbreak as a public health emergency of international concern. 

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01 Mar 2020
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