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Guiding Framework on advisory protection services on Civil Documentation and Housing, Land and Property


The Syria Protection Cluster (Turkey) tasked the Housing, Land and Property Technical Working Group (HLP TWG) to draft this guiding framework, as part of its priorities for 2019, in order to support Protection Cluster members delivering such activities.

This document is tailored to the specific context of the north-west of Syria and the areas outside of the control of the Government of Syria. In the absence of functioning official institutions in the north-west, the multiplication of entities delivering documents, the various legal norms applied by various actors acting as de facto authorities, any services of legal nature provided have to take into account such context and complexity of the legal environment in order to ensure respect for the “do no harm” principle.

As a result of those limitations, service provides need to ensure that they manage the expectations of the beneficiaries on what is within the scope of their intervention (such as not providing financial contribution to obtain documents) and the extent to which they can assist them (such as no legal representation before Courts or administration from the de facto authorities in control of the area).

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Protection - Turkey Cross Border
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01 Jun 2021
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Syria: Crisis 2011-2021