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Guidelines on Mitigating Harm and Suffering in situations of Forced Eviction


While a forced eviction in itself may violate human rights, it is recognized that humanitarian partners are not consistently able to intervene in forced eviction processes to uphold rights. In certain situations forced evictions may be justified and/or unavoidable – in these situations the manner in which forced evictions are carried out is of the highest relevance and should ensure protection of human rights and maintain the dignity of those being evicted before, during, and after eviction.

These guidelines, aimed at humanitarian partners, civil society, and all other stakeholders in northwest Syria, provide practical minimum standards to avoid, mitigate, or minimize harm and suffering of affected persons, most often IDPs, in the context of forced evictions, thereby contributing to protection of human rights. They intend to inform advocacy, planning and
response, and to strengthen prevention.

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Protection - Turkey Cross Border
Original Publication Date: 
01 Jun 2021
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Syria: Crisis 2011-2021