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Cash and Voucher Assistance for GBV cases: Standard Operating Procedures| Mar. 2021

About this guidance (available in English and Arabic)
• This guidance is a product of wide consultations and collaboration among humanitarian organizations with experience in GBV case management and cash and voucher assistance. It will be periodically updated based on partners' experience in operationalising the SOPs.

SOPs objectives:
• Establish a common understanding of the procedures and critical touchpoints between GBV and CVA partners throughout case management.
• Ensure protection mainstreaming, and GBV risk mitigation principles are mainstreamed throughout project implementation. • Enhance the overall quality of life-saving CVA programming for GBV survivors and other at-risk groups.
• Contribute to an efficient, holistic safety net programme for survivors and those at risk of GBV through complementary CVA.

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Cash Working Group (Turkey Cross Border)
Original Publication Date: 
02 Jun 2021
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Standard Operating Procedures
Syrian Arab Republic
Cash Transfer Programming
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Syria: Crisis 2011-2022