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The Cash Working Group is a forum of technical professionals dedicated to enhaning the quality of cash and voucher assistance in northwest Syria. Established in March 2014 as the "Cash-based Response Technical Working Group (CBR-TWG)", the group has evolved from a small group of international practitioners to a Syrian-led community of practice. This group also facilitated the establishment in 2018 of two more CWGs in the Whole of Syria response hubs: one for northeast Syria, and the other based in Damascus, supporting humanitarian actors operating in GoS areas.

The NWS-CWG is an inter-agency, inter-sectoral group, reflecting the versatility and flexibility of cash as a modality that runs across all sectors and thus requires strong coordination among agencies and sectors/Clusters.

As with the provision of any commodity or resource, the provision of cash in a humanitarian response is not a strategy or program in itself, but a tool that can be used, when appropriate, to meet particular objectives in specific contexts, sectors and phases of the response.

From the perspective of the conflict-affected households inside Syria receiving humanitarian aid for the past several years, cash transfers offer them the agency and the dignity to prioritize according to the unique set of needs of their households (Sources: MSNA, PDM, 2020 Cash Feasibility Assessment).