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Rapid Needs Assessment For Eastern Ghouta Displaced


This rapid Assessment depended on two main tools for data collection which were:
1- Direct Interviews with the Displaced households.
2- Interviews with the Key Informants in the communities\locations of the displaced.
• Locations for data collection were decided according to the available secondary data about the final destinations for displaced households from Eastern Ghouta into Idleb, which were mainly the Reception Center in Maaret El Ekhwan (Saed), Meznaz ( Meznaz Reception Center), and mosques in Maret Alnuman.
• Questionnaires were designed on central level by QRCS team in Gaziantep, Turkey Mission office.
• Data Collection was conducted by QRCS field team, which consists of three staff (2 males, and 1 female), and was well-trained on using displacement questionnaires through paper.
• Data collection process took place between 27th_29th of March 2018.

Assessment Report: 
Publicly Available
Assessment Questionnaire: 
Available on Request
Assessment Data: 
Available on Request
Assessment Date(s): 
27 Mar 2018 to 29 Mar 2018
Report completed
Unit(s) of Measurement: 
Collection Method(s): 
Key Informant Interview
Population Type(s): 
Camp population
Leading/Coordinating Organization(s): 
Qatar Red Crescent Society
Jebel Saman
Al Ma'ra
Other location: 
Miznaz camp in Atareb, Sa'ad camp in Maaret Tamsrin, Big & Housary mosque in Ma'arrat An Nu'man
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