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Food Security Early Warning System Agromet Update 2016/2017 Agricultural Season, Issue 05 Month: March-April


  • Good rains continued to the end of season in most central and southern parts of the region, resulting in positive production expectations in several countries.
  • The high rainfall improved dam and groundwater levels, providing good water availability for irrigation over the coming seasons.
  • Pasture conditions and water availability for livestock have improved significantly in most areas due to the good seasonal rainfall.
  • Parts of the region received below average seasonal rainfall totals, including parts of Angola, Madagascar and Tanzania, affecting crop conditions in different areas.
  • Preliminary reports suggest the regional impact of the Fall Armyworm was not severe. However, experts advise that robust and coordinated control measures are needed for coming seasons.
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Southern African Development Community
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28 Apr 2017
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Situation Report
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