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Southern Africa: Humanitarian Bulletin Issue 14, February 2014

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2013: A year in review  P.1
Insight into 2014  P.5


  • The 2012/13 rainfall season was erratic, with torrential rainfall early in the season followed by dry conditions over parts of the region.
  • Insufficient rains and droughtlike conditions in the west and south-west of the region led to a poor agricultural season and death of livestock, resulting in heightened food insecurity.
  • Armyworm and red locust outbreaks in Southern Africa, although largely contained, may lead to secondary outbreaks this year.
  • Locust invasion in Madagascar continues to pose a significant threat to food security and livelihoods, with an ongoing three-year eradication campaign which requires further funding.
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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17 Feb 2014
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Humanitarian Bulletin
Early Warning
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