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South Sudan: Humanitarian Snapshot (January 2018)

In January 2018, over 10,000 people fled their homes following clashes reported in multiple locations in Jonglei, including Yuai, Pultruk, Payai, Kuer-nyuon, Pieri, Waat and Walgak. Some crossed to
Ethiopia, where 2,300 people registered as refugees in the Gambela region.

There were several reports of people returning from displacement camps and refugee settlements in Uganda to locations in Central Equatoria, including Lainya, Kajo-keji, Morobo and Yei, as well as reports of movement from Sudan to Bentiu, Unity. However, partners are working to verify these reports; population movements remain difficult to track and patterns hard to discern. About 5.1 million people were estimated to be severely food insecure between January and March 2018, including 20,000 who are facing catastrophic conditions.

According to assessments conducted in January in the Baggari area, Wau County, malnutrition has improved compared to the same period last year, with surveys showing GAM rates of about 2.8 per cent in Mboro and 3.6 per cent in Farajallah. Last year, Baggari was among locations which surpassed the WHO emergency threshold of 15 percent of the population malnourished. In January, there were no new reports of cholera cases in South Sudan, marking a continued decline in the outbreak that was declared in June 2016.

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14 Feb 2018
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Humanitarian Snapshot
South Sudan