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South Sudan Humanitarian Response Dashboard January to June 2022

Between January and June 2022, almost 4.1 million women, girls, boys and men across South Sudan were reached with humanitarian assistance and services. This represents 60 per cent of the 6.8 million people targeted through the 2022 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP). Response achievements include more than 3.6 million people who received food assistance and livelihoods support; an estimated 873,000 people reached with health care; approximately 418,000 people assisted with protection services; and some 592,000 people supported with access to safe water and sanitation. Almost 737,000 children, and pregnant and breastfeeding women were provided with emergency nutritional assistance; and 697,000 people received essential household items and emergency shelter.

More than 3,907 metric tons of humanitarian cargo were transported. Some 802,000 people were reached through camp coordination and camp management services; and over 298,000 children were supported with access to education in emergencies. As of June, 148 humanitarian organizations contributed to the achievements presented in this dashboard. Of those, 57 per cent were South Sudanese non-governmental organizations. At the time of publishing, the HRP has secured US$534 million or 31.4 per cent against the requested $1.7 billion, with the United States of America, Central Emergency Response Fund and United Kingdom being the top funders.

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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15 Aug 2022
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Humanitarian Dashboard