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South Sudan: Humanitarian Snapshot (August 2016)

In August 2016, thousands more civilians in South Sudan were forced to flee their homes due to fighting, mainly in the Equatorias and Unity. In all, about 60,000 people fled South Sudan as refugees
to neighbouring countries during August, including nearly 50,000 to Uganda. In Central Equatoria, about 12,100 people were displaced in different locations according to partners' estimates. In Western Bahr El Ghazal, more than 2,500 people newly arrived at collective sites in Wau town, while access outside of the town remained restricted. In central Unity, intermittent fighting and tensions caused thousands of people to flee from Thonyor, Adok and Pilleny to neighbouring islands and swampy areas. Others attempted the long and strenuous journeys to Nyal in Panyijiar County or to the UN Protection of Civilians site in Bentiu. In addition, some people from Thonyor and Thakker (Mayendit) reportedly took refuge in Dablual, which was already hosting about 34,000 IDPs. In Jonglei, nearly 8,000 IDPs arrived in Poktap, Payuel and Padiet payams in Duk County following fighting in Pajut. In Northern Bahr El Ghazal, food insecurity and malnutrition remained a major concern and partners scaled-up response operations to stem the growing hunger. Communicable diseases continued to cause death and illness, with ongoing outbreaks of cholera, malaria and kala-azar.

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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31 Aug 2016
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Humanitarian Snapshot
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