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South Sudan Flooding Snapshot #1

Some 380,000 people have been affected by flooding in areas along the river Nile, Sudd wetlands and the rivers Lol and Sobat since May. Jonglei and Unity states are the worst affected. Early seasonal rains have caused rivers to overflow their dykes and banks, flooding vast areas and settlements across the top of the country, with more heavy rains and flooding expected in the coming months. Many of the flood-affected people moved to higher grounds within their county, and plan to return home once the flood waters recede. Some 100,000 people, mostly from Twic East, who were displaced by the 2020 floods, still have not returned home and are sheltering in the Bor and Mangalla IDP camps, and in Mingkaman, according to humanitarian partners.

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
31 Aug 2021
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Humanitarian Snapshot