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South Sudan Access Snapshot July 2019

Forty-four access incidents were reported during July. Of these 4 were significant, 29 were moderate and 11 were minor. Fourteen incidents were as a result of criminality, mostly targeting humanitarian organizations in Juba. Six were perpetrated by State security forces. Violence against personnel was the largest incident type at 46 per cent, while operational inference and bureaucratic impediments came to 30 per cent. Central Equatoria had the largest number of incidents by state with 13 reported there. Of the 4 significant incidents, one involved the takeover of an NGO compound by local authorities. Harassment of NGO staff was prominent. In Fangak County, six humanitarian workers were relocated from Keew and Juaibor to Juba. Reportedly, the local authorities confiscated assets including laptops, cash and a satellite phone. Two ambushes impacted humanitarian activities, one in Yirol West, Lakes, and one in Kapoeta East, Eastern Equatoria. There were active hostilities around Maiwut town. Thousands of civilians, mainly women and children, were reported to have been displaced by the fighting. Humanitarian activities for displaced people and returnees in the area were affected. Humanitarian organizations operating in the area relocated 10 staff.

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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19 Aug 2019
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