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South Sudan Access Snapshot June 2019

Twelve significant access incidents were reported in June, out of 44 in total. There were active hostilities in Lobonok, Central Equatoria, that caused mass displacement of the population within the area and affected aid worker security. Five ambushes were reported during the month, one in Unity in which two humanitarian staff were injured, one in Eastern Equatoria and three in Central Equatoria. Harassment by traffic police in Juba and immigration officials at Juba International Airport (JIA) continued. Also at JIA, new requirements for humanitarian vehicles to access the airport delayed support significantly to humanitarian flights and cargo. After negotiations, they were lifted. In Upper Nile’s Nasir, authorities blocked a UNHAS flight from Bor demanding landing fees, which caused the flight to return. In Duk County, Jonglei, trucks carrying food items for pre-positioning were looted by unknown perpetrators. Significant operational interferences by security officials continued in Central Equatoria. On 4 June, a UN Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) team going to Lasu from Yei town with stipends was detained by security officials at a checkpoint for more than three hours and released without the cash. On 7 June, another UN team traveling from Yei town to Mugwo to conduct EVD preparedness activities was denied access by security officials at a check point for allegedly not obtaining the required security clearance. Humanitarian organizations raised the matter to the authorities during the EVD Task Force meeting in Yei. The authorities promised to follow up.

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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17 Jul 2019
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