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South Sudan Access Snapshot August 2019

Thirty-five access incidents were reported in August, a decrease from 44 reported in July. A quarter of all incidents occurred in Juba County alone. The number of access incidents deemed to be significant in their severity increased from the previous month. One of them involved staff from a humanitarian non-governmental organization (NGO) on their way to Rumbek East being detained for few hours by unknown armed actors, threatened to be killed and their belongings stolen. Access incidents involving State security forces increased by a significant margin. Bureaucratic impediments also increased, including requests for local registration of NGOs in both government and opposition-controlled areas. Local authorities made new requests for land rental fees and the reallocation of land ownership in places where NGO compounds have been present for years or even decades. Perceived recruitment grievances or demands to recruit from within certain communities led to several incidents of threats and intimidation of humanitarian staff. The number of reports of active hostilities impacting humanitarian operations remained relatively constant from the previous month, with most areas continuing to see an improved security environment for aid delivery.

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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19 Sep 2019
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