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Child Protection Sub-Cluster: Wau Crisis Child Protection Snapshot (as at 30 June 2016) | South Sudan

Since onset of the recent conflict in Wau (on 24 June 2016), there have been reports of civilian casualties and loss of life*. According to UNICEF, there are an estimated 25,000 displaced children, with more than 6,000 at the UNMISS Protection of Civilian (PoC) site. A further 18,000 are thought to have fled to the Greater Baggari Area to the south and southwest of the town with their families**. There are unverified reports of childrens’ loss of life*, with 350 cases of unaccompanied, separated and missing children having been reported so far; out of these, 11 have been reunified with their families.

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Child Protection Sub-Cluster, South Sudan
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05 Jul 2016
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Humanitarian Snapshot