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4th Quarter 2019 Cash Dashboard

In the fourth quarter  (Oct to December) of 2019, Inter-Agency Cash Working Group (CWG) partners reported the transfer of US$ 16.9million of Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) to 135,000 households (814,000 individuals) in South Sudan.

The CVA was delivered through three main ways, cash (48%), voucher (34%) and service delivery (18%). of the individuals receiving CVA, 59% were female,

As the IA - CWG monitors all sectors, in this period, 99% of the total CVA value was channelled through the Food Security and Livelihood Cluster. To qualify for CVA, 83% of the affected population did not have to do anything. However, 52% of the assistance was restricted of the sort, meaning, the receivers have to use it for a specific purpose. 

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Cash Working Group South Sudan
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06 Mar 2020
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Humanitarian Dashboard
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Middle Juba
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