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Ezo County Flood assesment report_10th to 11th September 2022

IRNA report on Heavy rainfall in Ezo County, Western
Equatoria -South Sudan

Following the two days (10-11th/sept/2022) heavy rainfall in Ezo County, it resulted to the outburst
of underground springs affecting two locations i.e. Nambia ,Nakofo ,Manzini and Suk Adimu with
disruption of the peaceful settlement of the population including the IDPs as houses remained at
risk of collapsing, pit latrines have already collapsed or filled with water, household properties
including harvested crops swimming in water posing a threat for the incoming hunger and as well
creating fear of poor harvest in case heavy rainfall continues.

Operation(s)/ Webspace(s): 
Catholic Medical Mission Board
Jesuit Refugee Service
Rural Development Action Aid (South Sudan)
World Vision International
Original Publication Date: 
22 Sep 2022
Document type: 
Assessment Report