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The Cash Working Group South Sudan (CWG SS)  is an active coordination body in South Sudan since 2015 which serves as a medium for coordination, communication, information sharing, technical discussions along with a platform which provides an opportunity to various Cash Transfer Programming actors to showcase their work, share issues for technical discussions, best practices and lessons learnt. CWG SS became dormant after the 2016 crisis and it rejuvenated during second half of 2017. Previously CWG was hosted under the umbrella of Food Security Cluster, however, the working group now rests under the Inter-Cluster Working Group as a ‘Multi-Sectoral Cash Working Group’ since 2017. The group regularly meets twice a month to ensure robust and active coordination with all the cash community. CWG is still setting up an information management system in order efficiently share information, as well as regularly to map out cash programmes in the country .

The CWG SS is currently implementing a cohesive approach to accommodate the cumulative CTP capacity building needs in South Sudan. it was formally proposed by the IA - CWG co-leads to continue the CWG support to the members through a two-prong approach:

Technical Group (Discussions and solution oriented approach)
Capacity Strengthening (of new and existing members).

The proposed approach will strengthen the existing approach whereby the technical discussions will take place in specific meetings which will allow the members to utilize the time more efficiently and effectively. Work streams will be part of the technical group.

To access information on the South Sudan Cash transfer and markets working group minutes, guidance on cash transfers and market based interventions, resource inventory on cash transfers and markets, and cash and urban livelihoods working group items, please consult the section dedicated to South Sudan on the food security cluster website as well.

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