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Cash Working Group South Sudan | Dashboard from Jan to Dec 2020

South Sudan Interactive Joint Market Monitoring Dashboard

The Joint Market Monitoring Initiative (JMMI) is a monthly data collection exercise launched by the South Sudan Inter Agency Cash Working Group (IACWG) in August 2019. The initiative aims to inform cash-based interventions in South Sudan by providing indicative information on key commodities sold in local marketplaces, along with other key market indicators. The initiative is guided by the CWG, led by REACH and funded by the World Food Programme (WFP).

This interactive dashboard can be used to explore the data collected through the JMMI, such as the prices of key food and non-food items (NFIs), as well as the cost of the Multi Sectoral Survival Minimum Expenditure Basket (MSSMEB) in different locations in South Sudan.

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South Sudan Inter-Agency Cash Working Group

The South Sudan Inter-Agency Cash Working Group (IA - CWG) CWG is a group of 210 partners, the CWG aims to promote the utilization of cash and voucher as a modality for humanitarian assistance that strengthens theme three of the nine workstreams of the Grand Bargain.   

In 2020, guided by the IA – CWG Strategy Paper 2019 – 2020, the CWG is committed to enhancing the strategic, technical and operational coordination, collaboration around cash and voucher assistance with the below objectives:-

  • To provide an enabling environment for strategic engagement with all stakeholders
  • To promote harmonization of interventions and approaches in the humanitarian response including joint interventions like multipurpose cash assistance, joint assessments and monitoring, harmonization of tools amongst others.
  • To advocate for the scale-up of CVA through sectoral interventions, multipurpose cash assistance and hybrid approaches where appropriate.
  • To promote linking humanitarian cash assistance with exiting social protection systems.



The JMMI was initiated by the South Sudan Cash Working Group (CWG) in an effort to inform cash-based interventions and better understand market dynamics in South Sudan. The initiative is guided by the JMMI Technical Working Group, led by REACH and supported by the CWG members. JMMI Factsheets and datasets are shared below:-


Fact Sheets                                                       Datasets

November 2020 JMMI Report                           Dataset

October 2020 JMMI Report                               Dataset

September 2020 JMMI Report                          Dataset

August 2020 JMMI Report                                 Dataset

July 2020 JMMI Report                                      Dataset

June 2020 JMMI Report                                     Dataset

May 2020 JMMI Report                                      Dataset

April 2020 JMMI Report                                      Dataset

March 2020 JMMI Report                                  Dataset     

February 2020 JMMI Report                             Dataset

January 2020 JMMI Report                               Dataset


December 2019 JMMI Report                           Dataset

November 2019 JMMI Report                           Dataset

October 2019 JMMI Report                               Dataset

September 2019 JMMI Report                          Dataset

August 2019 JMMI Report                                Dataset

For any questions or further enquiries, please contact the JMMI focal point:

Jonathan Buckley:

JMMI Partners 

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