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Initial Rapid Needs Assessment Report: Yirol East, Yirol West, Rumbek Centre Counties, Lakes State (6 January 2014)


The objectives of the IRNA were:
1. To establish the authenticity of the IDPs reported in Yirol East and Yirol West Counties
2. To verify and confirm the numbers of people claimed to have been directly affected by the conflict
3. To assess the humanitarian needs of the affected population

Key findings: 

Key findings:
• The IDPs have integrated into the host communities. The IDPs reported that they have been relying on the host community for everything including sharing of tukuls. In most cases they have slept out in the open with nothing to cover. Children are given the priority to sleep in the tukuls – meaning displacing the host communities from their tukuls.
• The IRNA team saw desperate IDPs who said that they were sharing household belongings with the host communities. The IDPs reported that they ran for their lives with clothes they are wearing at that moment.
• They are now borrowing from the host community to change and wash their own clothes.
• The IDPs said that no agency or NGO has ever reached them for any kind of assistance.

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Assessment Date(s): 
06 Jan 2014

Level of Representation

Report completed
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Population Type(s): 
Displaced population
Leading/Coordinating Organization(s): 
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Rumbek East
Yirol East
Yirol West
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