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AVSI - Effective Solutions for Persons with Disabilities (PwD) in Rumbek and Cueibet


Persons with disabilities (PwD) are generally invisible in development programming in South Sudan (SSD) despite representing at least 15% of SSD’s population. With this research, AVSI aims to shed light on the daily life challenges and coping strategies of PWD in Rumbek and Cueibet. By identifying needs and successful existing formal and informal structures that provide assistance and opportunities of inclusion for PwD, effective and sustainable solutions can be implemented - true community founded solutions.


Extensive literature review
29 key-informant interviews and 11 focus group discussions
3 day validation workshop with 50 key stakeholders including government, community leaders, NGOs, CBOs and PwD

Assessment Report: 
Assessment Questionnaire: 
Publicly Available
Assessment Data: 
Publicly Available
Assessment Date(s): 
04 Mar 2019 to 06 Sep 2019
Report completed
Population Type(s): 
People with disabilities
Leading/Coordinating Organization(s): 
AVSI Foundation
Rumbek Centre