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Bentiu, Rubkona Rapid Education Needs Assessment


To assess immediate education needs of affected communities in Rubkona and Bentiu of Unity State.


Survey, interviews to some teachers and children and observation.

Key findings: 

Five schools are occupied by soldiers and IDPs and one school had become a military barrack. A total of 6 schools are occupied by armed forces. Children interviewed feared going back to school due to insecurity and military presence: very few teachers were found and the total population registered around the places was 5%, if not none. The furniture in the classrooms are very limited: the majority of them were looted, together with UNICEF supplies. 10 containers and some classrooms have textbooks inside but need to be collected and reorganized as soon as possible.

Most places were found very dirty with littering newly DFID funded printed textbooks, both inside the classrooms and outside. Community is not willing to vacate schools unless Government rebuild their burnt houses. Therefore children will not have access to learning spaces in the coming future, with exception of Leich primary school, Machakos primary school, Bentiu B girls primary school and Bentiu A secondary School with the collaboration of MoE and education Partners.

Sample size: 
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Publicly Available
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Publicly Available
Assessment Date(s): 
13 Mar 2014
Report completed
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Unstructured Interview
Population Type(s): 
Conflict affected population
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United Nations Children's Fund
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Needs Assessment