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AVSI Needs Education Assessment in far-to-reach, pastoralist communities of Kapoeta East


The assessment aimed at gathering general information about one of the most remote area of Kapoeta, up to the border with Ethiopia, its basic needs and challenges. A major emphasis was given to coping mechanisms of people living in Napwotasigiria, Nanyangachor, Lotimor, Kuron, Boma, Kassengor and Jie Lopet area and Mogos. Areas of concerns were education, livelihood and food security, health, WASH, protection and economic activities including security and logistics of the areas.


A team of AVSI Foundation along with the County Education Director of Losolia County organized a field assessment to remote areas of Kapoeta East county, currently under the jurisdiction of a newly formed county called Kauto. The assessment took place from the 21st to the 28th of March.

Key findings: 

 Thanks to the assessment AVSI team managed to get basic knowledge about priority needs in the area which includes pastoralist education;
 Acknowledgement that basic needs like water and food are priorities in the area was gained. Locations are in fact so remote and isolated that development should start first from guaranteeing access to human primary needs. Water plays a very important role also on the stability of the area: in many cases it is the source of conflict among local communities;
 Acknowledgment that agriculture is largely spread and practiced in the area was gained as well;
 the interview to the Bishop Paride Taban was enlightening and full of interesting suggestions and explanation on how to deal with local communities in the area.

Assessment Report: 
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Publicly Available
Bruno Nazim Baroni
+211 923 809 070 (Mobile)
Assessment Date(s): 
15 Mar 2019 to 30 Sep 2019
Report completed
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Key Informant Interview
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AVSI Foundation
Kapoeta East
Multi-Cluster Initial Rapid Assessment