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AVSI’s footprint in education in Ikwoto county, EES, South Sudan


AVSI Foundation has had a continuous presence in education in Ikwoto county, in Eastern Equatoria State (EES) for 15 years. Its longest standing project, the Distance Support Program (DSP) is a comprehensive and personalized scholarship program that supports 600+ vulnerable students in primary and secondary schools in Ikwoto and Torit county. This brief review shows the education outcome of Ikwoto and contrast it with those of the main counties of EES, and of DSP supported students with students from the same schools. Through a mix of data on enrollment, dropout, age of pupils and academic performance, it provides measures of the remarkable results of the students of Ikwoto and the DSP beneficiaries.

DSP main aim is to improve educational outcomes for students and ensure their access to basic social and protection services. Along with school fee funding, students are provided with scholastic materials, hygiene and boarding kits, as well as sessions on hygiene & health, PSS and referral pathways for health care treatment. Teachers benefit from training on school management and on GBV. Open days and Parents Meetings take place in each supported school. Personalized support is provided to pupils and their families through a dedicated team of 9 staff.


The review compile data gathered in the school supported by AVSI, other school level data gathered by AVSI and State Ministry graduation data for Primary 8 students. It relies on data gathered during 2017 and 2018.

Key findings: 

Focused EiE interventions integrated with non-formal education activities, training and capacity building of educators & administrators, AVSI managed to visibly reduce the barriers to education for young students, to contribute to increase the overall schooling of students, and to patently improve students’ academic performance, for both male and female students.

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01 Sep 2017 to 16 Dec 2018
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AVSI Foundation
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