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AVSI Cross-border Refugees-Returnees Need Assessment


In January 2020, Cesvi and AVSI Foundation conducted an assessment in Palabek Camp Lamwo District, Northern Uganda. The exercise is Returnees Refugees need assessment to identify the challenges faced; while travelling back to Torit State (Ikotos County, when they first returned in their village, after few weeks/months being at home and on their way back to the camps.
The survey provide a significant perspective on current population mobility trends and actionable data regarding assistance needs, protection and vulnerability.


The assessment was conducted based on (key informant interviews (KIIs), which include twenty (20) of south Sudanese refugees interviewed from six payams; Chahari Payam, Isoke Payam, Ikotos Payam, Imotong Payam, Losite Payam and Chorokol Payam. who have knowledge, either direct (they experienced) or indirect (their relatives experienced) of the challenges faced by people who voluntarily returned to South Sudan, in particular those who returned to Torit State (Greater Ikwoto County mainly). The study did not set out to produce statistically significant findings, but focused on identifying typical patterns of challenges at both household level and the County at large.

Key findings: 

At a time when food support is beeing reduced in the refugee camps in Uganda, retournees comes back to South Sudan in search for livelihood opportunities which are, in spite of the efffort put in place, very limited in the Ugandan/refugee camp context. 

Assessment Report: 
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Publicly Available
Assessment Date(s): 
08 Jan 2020 to 11 Jan 2020
Report completed
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AVSI Foundation
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Palabek Camp, Lamwo District, Uganda