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5 - 10 June 2015 | IRNA Report: Mundri West and East Counties, Western Equatoria State


From 5th to 10th June, ADRA team carried a rapid needs assessment in Mundri town, Kotobi Payam of Mundri West County and in Kediba and Lui Payams of Mundri east in Western Equatoria state, to assess reported humanitarian needs as result of conflict related displacement that occurred on the 21st of May 2015. On 5th the team assessed Mundri Town, 8th Kotobi Payam was assessed and 9th Kediba Payam and 10th was Lui Payam.


Focused Group Discussions

Key findings: 

Key findings
 There was presence of armed soldiers in Mundri West town though not particularly in big numbers.
 According to the IDPs, the presence of the armed soldiers in the town creates fear of returning to the town as they suspect that the same scenario might repeat itself.
 The IDPs reported that 14 children were drawn in Yei River during the conflict in the process of crossing for safety; however these figures were not confirmed
 There were reported case of unaccompanied children; however they were reunited with their families. One IDP reported to be hosting an accompanied child in Kediba Payam as well as 4 in Lui.
 According to the Focused Group Discussion there were cases of GBVs; 10 girls of 12-18 years were raped by armed groups.
 It was observed that most of the IDPs were traumatized as a result of the conflict.
 There were reported cases of robberies along Juba – Mundri road.

Priorities for Immediate Humanitarian response:
 Need for psychological support to be given to the IDPs
 Identification and registration of unaccompanied, separated and missing children.
 The security situation along Juba

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Assessment Date(s): 
05 Jun 2015 to 10 Jun 2015

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Adventist Development and Relief Agency
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Adventist Development and Relief Agency
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