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About the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Working Group in Somalia

The MHPSS WG is part of the Protection Cluster and its primary goal is to improve mental health and psychosocial support interventions in Somalia. The MHPSS WG coordinates and work with government authorities on standard setting and regulatory frameworks.The MHPSS working group serves as the reference body for coordination, guidelines development, technical advice and oversight of MHPSS in Somalia.Its main responsibilities and key activities are:

  1. Improving co-ordination and information sharing
  2. Developing information systems
  3. Mainstreaming MHPSS into other clusters/sectors
  4. Building capacity of MHPSS partners to provide quality MHPSS

The multi-sectorial and coordinated approach recommended by the IASC Guidelines requires the MHPSS WG to work closely with all Clusters and specifically with the Health and Education Cluster, whose focal points will form an integral part of the MHPSS.