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Somalia: Revised Humanitarian Response Plan Summary - May 2017

Overall 6.7 million people need life-saving and livelihoods support, up from 5 million in August 2016. Food security is expected to further deteriorate over the coming months with improvements not expected in some of the worst affected areas until August or September at the earliest. In addition to cyclical climatic shocks, armed conflict, clan violence, human rights violations, insecurity, and low levels of basic development indicators persist around the country.

  • One in two people are in need of humanitarian assistance
  • One in four people face the risk of hunger and famine
  • Treatment may be required for up to 1.4 million children with acute malnutrition, including 275,000 cases of lifethreatening severe acute malnutrition
  • 680,000 people have been displaced due to drought
  • Major disease outbreaks such as AWD/Cholera and measles are spreading
  • Results from FSNAU mortality surveys in April indicate increased mortality in surveyed areas. In rural Bay region Crude Death Rates and Under 5 Death Rates exceed the threshold for famine declaration, as do malnutrition indicators in some other areas.
  • It is clear that further scale-up must be prioritized.
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
10 May 2017
Document type: 
Strategic Response Plan