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Somalia: Information Management Working Group (IMWG) Meeting Minutes - as of January 4, 2017

1. Welcome and reading of previous minutes

 The chair welcomed the members after a holiday break. He went through the minutes and action points of the previous meeting which was acknowledged by members. 

1. IMWG Calendar of events 

 The IMWG calendar for the year 2017 has been shared with members via IM Skype group for comments and feedback.

 The calendar has detailed tentative agenda/activities by months. The agenda can be amended whereby the members have alternative agenda to be discussed at any particular perio.

 The IMWG meetings are bi-monthly until March then will be reduced to once a month starting April 2017 Action points:

 Member to send their comment and feedback concerning the calendar agenda if any and share with cluster coordinators. 

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04 Jan 2017
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Meeting Minutes