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Situation Report for Acute Watery Diarrhea/Cholera - Epidemiological Week 3 (16th – 22nd January 2017)


 As of epidemiological week 3, the AWD/Cholera outbreak in Somalia continues to increase in with more cases being reported from 33 districts in 5 south central regions of the country (refer table 1 below), but the case fatality rate declined. 

 A total of 930 new suspected AWD/cholera cases and 6 deaths were reported from 33 districts during epidemiological week 3 (16th - 22nd January). The number of new cases has increased this week as compared to 677 cases and 12 deaths reported in the previous week. Almost 50% of all new cases were recorded in Baidao district, and investigation is ongoing to identify to source of infection.

 Of the 930 cases reported during this reporting period, 451(48.5%) women while 317 (34%) are children below 5 years.

 The reported deaths have occurred in Baidao (3), Aliyow Mumin village (1), Banadir (1) and Bal’ad (1).

 New districts and villages in Lower Shebele and Banadir regions have reported new cholera cases, and the surveillance officers are planning to conduct field investigation and collect specimens 

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World Health Organization
Government of Somalia
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22 Jan 2017
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Situation Report
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Somalia: Cholera Outbreak - Apr 2016