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SAF UK MASS MUAC Screening Report - Dalxiska IDP Camp, Kismayo Somalia


SAF-UK is currently implementing a one year Nutrition project in Kismayo District, Lower Juba region, Jubaland State, Somalia. The project is treating Severe Acute Malnourished children for the purpose of reducing morbidity and mortality related to malnutrition through integrated Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM). The aim is to achieve improved health and nutrition status of children 0-59 months old and pregnant and Lactating Women through integrated CMAM, and increase access to health and nutrition facilities and services through community mobilization and sensitization in Kismayo of Lower Juba in Somalia.

Kismayo IDPs Camps are located in Kismayo District, Lower Juba Region. The camps host approximately 37,598 people which is approximately 17% of the total population in Kismayo district. The town composes five major zones which include Farjano, Fanole, Canaley, Shaqalaha and Gulwade. Farjano zone hosts the highest population of approximately 29633, 19374 being IDPs (Ministry of planning, 2016). Farjano is home to Dalxisaka IDP camps a combination of 36 IDP camps with an approximate population of 11100. Kismayo IDP population continues to face major challenges including food insecurity, poor water, sanitation and hygiene, poor health seeking behaviors among others and limited health services/facilities. The current nutrition situation in the IDPs camps is considered serious with the estimated prevalence of global acute malnutrition being 14.5% with aggravating factors (FSNAU, 2016).   

The situation in Dalxiska has definitely changed in the last few months. The population of the camp continues to grow with in-migration from neighboring villages and districts like Jamame Kamsuma and Jilib. Majority of these new migrants are poor that are mostly driven by food and civil insecurity and the search for medical services (SAF UK, 2016).Recent drought has definitely worsened the situation, with even more people moving into the camp in search of aid.

Mass MUAC screening for Dalxiska was undertaken by SAF UK to ascertain the current nutrition situation of children 6-59 months of age in light of the recent drought situation. The exercise was conducted in all 36 IDP camps on 16th February 2017. The objectives of the mass MUAC screening were:

  • To ascertain the nutrition status in light of the prevailing drought and population movement.
  • To actively case find malnourished children and refer them for management.
  • To make appropriate recommendations for program improvement.


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21 Feb 2017
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Assessment Report
Community Management of Acute Malnutrition
Internally Displaced People (IDPs)
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