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Education Cluster Children`s Voices Survey 2019

Children’s voices are rarely heard in the humanitarian crisis in Somalia. Globally, Somalia scores the highest on the INFORM Global Risk Index1 due to long-standing political instability, armed conflict, environmental stress and weak governance structures. Between January and August 2019 alone, 270,0002 people were displaced across Somalia of which an estimated 108.000 (40%) are school-aged children.

In May 2019, the Education Cluster lead a survey to capture the voices of school children. The purpose of the survey was to ensure the voices of school children were included as part of the humanitarian needs analysis for 2020. The Education Cluster, Regional Focal Points and Ministry of Education (MoEs) colleagues jointly designed and developed a set of questions for students to know more about their feelings and needs in the schools.



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United Nations Children's Fund
Original Publication Date: 
14 Feb 2020
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Assessment Report