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Objective, Membership and Structure

The Somalia Cash Working group (CWG) leads the inter-sectoral cash coordination mechanism with an aim of improving the coordination of cash assistance, quality of implementation of cash assistance and Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning as well as ensuring a systematic and evidence based cash and market programming for humanitarian and longer term planning for the Somalia Response.  The CWG is guided by a TOR.

Membership :The CWG is an inclusive platform for partners responding to the protracted crisis in Somalia. Current membership includes: local NGOs, International NGOs and institutions, UN agencies, the inter cluster coordination group, donor agencies, consortiums, federal government of Somalia (MoLSA, MoPIED, MoHADM), government authorities like the Banadir Regional Administration (BRA) and supporting groups which include CaLP, FEWSNET, FSNAU and REACH.

Ways of working : To structure the workload and utilize member capacities, the CWG works through sub-national working groups and through thematic work-streams. CWG meetings are held on a monthly basis and adhoc as needed. 

Mapping of Cash and Voucher Assistance in Somalia

Mapping of sectoral/ cluster cash, safety nets/shock responsive safety nets and MPCA cash is visualised on a monthly basis. The mapping provides a good overview of scale (amount of cash programming in each region) and gives a sense of coverage (assistance vs. need people in IPC 3-4).

Reporting templates and instructions

Recommended CVA indicators

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Somalia Cash Working Group contacts


Vanessa Topp

George Thuo
Somalia CWG Safety nets IMO (TAF)


Other key contacts

Somalia CWG Workstream leads contact list

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CWG workstreams and Sub- national CWGs

  • Sub-national CWGs
  • Baidoa (Bay, Bakool, Lower Juba, Gedo and Middle Juba)
    Adado (Hiraan, Galgaduud, Mudug)
    Mogadishu (Lower Shabelle, Middle Shabelle, Banaadir)
    Garowe (Nugaal, Bari)
    Hargeisa (Sool, Sanaag, Woqooyi Galbeed, Awdal and Togdheer).
  • CWG workstreams
  • The Market analysis workstream tasked to produce market analysis and guidance to the CWG.
  • The Monitoring, Evaluation and Accountability to Affected Populations (MEAPP) workstream provides technical guidance on monitoring and evaluation of CVA in Somalia. 
  • The Financial Service Providers (FSP) workstream has an objective of improving the systems and processes of humanitarian mobile money cash transfers in Somalia; benefiting programme participants, implementing agencies and mobile network operators.

The Cash and Protection interagency workstream ensures that the cash response in Somalia is delivered in a safe and accountable m