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Objective, Membership and Structure

The Somalia Inter Agency Cash Working group aims at improving the coordination of cash assistance, quality of implementation of cash assistance and Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning as well as ensuring a systematic and evidence based cash and market programming for the Somalia response.  

The CWG is an inclusive platform for partners responding to the protracted crisis in Somalia and is guided by a TOR.  The CWG works through sub-national working groups and through thematic work-streams. CWG meetings are held on a monthly basis and adhoc as needed. 

Mapping of Cash and Voucher Assistance in Somalia

Mapping of sectoral/ cluster cash, safety nets/shock responsive safety nets and MPCA cash is visualised on a monthly basis. The mapping provides a good overview of scale (amount of cash programming in each region) and gives a sense of coverage (assistance vs. need people in IPC 3-4).

Reporting templates and instructions

Recommended CVA indicators

PDF icon recommended_indicators_19072019_final.pd

CWG Thematic Work: Key resources

Shock Responsive Safety Nets - Technical Assistance Facility (TAF)                                                                         Icône PDF shock_responsive_communication_strategy.pdf

Icône PDF shock_responsive_early_action_protocol.pdf

Icône PDF srsn_learning_partnership_final_report.pdf

Learning partnership workshop Documents

Mitigation of GBV in CVA (The result of the joint engagement by the CWG and the GBV AOR)                   PDF icon gbvcva_priority_actions_march_2021.pdf                   PDF icon gbvcva_learning_brief_april_2021.pdf                         PDF icon gbv-cash-compendium.somali.fnl_.pdf                       File gbv_cva_risk_matrix_lifaaqa_somali.docx                File template_gbv_risk_analysis_for_cva_en.docx           PDF icon cva_gbv-guidelines_compendium.final_.pdf

Mobile Services in Humanitarian Programming in Somalia : supported by the GSMA M4H programme, the CWG, developed:     i) A set of six guidance documents on the use of mobile services in humanitarian programming in Somalia and         ii) A regulatory and policy analysis brief, which explains the regulatory and policy ecosystem around mobile money and cash transfers and recommendations to build on the current ecosystem.                                              Icône PDF 0_sop-process-mapping.pdfIcône PDF 1_sop-recommendation_1.pdfIcône PDF 2_sop-recommendation_2.pdfIcône PDF 3_sop-recommendation_3.pdfIcône PDF 4_sop-recommendation_4.pdfIcône PDF 5_sop-recommendation_5.pdfIcône PDF 6_sop-recommendation_6.pdfIcône PDF 7_sop-regulatory-environment-analysis.pdf

A self-assessment toolkit was also developed to help track progress on the implementation of key recommendations.  Icône PDF self-assessment_toolkit_manual.pdf

Fichier somalia_cwg_self-assessment_toolkit.xlsx

    Somalia Cash Working Group contacts


    Subnational Cash Working GroupsFile somalia_sub_national_cash_working_groups_divisions.xlsx

    Somalia Minimum Expenditure Basket (MEB) monitoring

    Transfer Value recommendations  PDF icon january_2022_drought_response_tv_recommendations.pdfPDF icon som_cash_and_markets_quarterly_dashboard_october_to_december_2021.pdf     PDF icon som_cash_and_markets_quarterly_dashboard_july_to_september_2021.pdf                                                              Somalia Cash and Markets Quarterly dashboard: April to June 2021                                                                 Somalia Cash and Markets Quarterly dashboard: January to March 2021                                               Somalia Cash and Markets Quarterly dashboard: October to December 2020                                                Somalia Cash and Markets Quarterly dashboard: July to Sept 2020                                                               Somalia Cash and Markets Quarterly dashboard: April to June 2020                                                                        Somalia Cash and Markets Quarterly dashboard: January to March 2020

    Market data sources                                                           JMMI dashboard                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



    CWG workstreams and Sub-national CWGs

    • Sub-national CWGs
    • Baidoa (Bay, Bakool, Lower Juba, Gedo and Middle Juba)
      Adado (Hiraan, Galgaduud, Mudug)
      Mogadishu (Lower Shabelle, Middle Shabelle, Banaadir)
      Garowe (Nugaal, Bari)
      Hargeisa (Sool, Sanaag, Woqooyi Galbeed, Awdal and Togdheer).
    • CWG workstreams
    • The Market analysis workstream tasked to produce market analysis and guidance to the CWG.
    • The Monitoring, Evaluation and Accountability to Affected Populations workstream provides technical guidance on M&E of CVA.
    • The Financial Service Providers workstream aims at improving the systems and processes of the financial service landscape for cash transfers in Somalia.

    The Cash and Protection interagency workstream ensures that the cash response in Somalia is delivered in a safe and accountable manner.