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CIARA Tropical Cyclone in Juliana

One of the worst tropical cyclone registered: CIARA is moving northeast at 26km/h with rainfall of 10‐18mm/h, maximum sustained winds of 180km/h and with gusts up to 200km/h, across a 100 km diameter. This tropical cyclone has twice the rainfall and three times the wind strength of Tropical Storm ANAH which hit northern Juliana and its northern neighbour Sophia a year ago, affecting over half a million people.

Landfall: CIARA first made landfall in Burunja, a small island in Deep Sea, in the early morning of 13 June and during the following day it moved towards Recrap, a Juliana island 200 km off shore the west coast of Juliana. CIARA is expected to hit the mountainous island any time.

Impact: High risk of flash floods, landslides and flooding in coastal areas.

High Risk Regions: Recrap island, West and North province.

Total population of this region: estimated to be 4.5 million. Only five thousand live on Recrap; they have developed an excellent coping mechanism for this type of extreme weather conditions.

Evacuation: Thousands have been evacuated with military and coast guard deployed to vulnerable areas. The National Disaster Response and Recovery Authority (NDRRA) is on red alert.