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Flood Highlights as of 27 Oct 2015

- A high level decision was made to relocate 50 identified households from the stadiums - following the vulnerability criteria - in consultation with the IDP communities.
- 50 temporary structures are expected to be ready at the relocation site by Monday 2 November 2015 to accommodate these 50 IDP households. No further details available   the type of structures and provision for essential needs and services i.e. food, WASH, health, education etc. The forum raised concerns that without basic services, the         most   vulnerable IDPs will face extreme difficulties to remain in the relocation site Mile 6.  
- The remaining 1198 households (of the total 1348 HH) will be provided a package (not specified what the package will consist of, or who will provide) to last for 4-6 months,     by which time the relocation site is expected to be ready to receive these households.
- The stadia will close as a temporary hosting site once the IDPs leave. There is definite timeline for this action.
- The Ministry of Land, Country Planning and Environment (MLCPE) is currently compacting the land at the Mile 6 site, laying out the structure plan and pre-positioning             building materials. This work is expected to be completed by Thursday 29 October and then construction works for the first 50 houses will begin.
- The ONS and other GoSL line ministries were expected to activate three other sub-committees a) Social Welfare, b) Resources Mobilization and c) Technical sub-                 committee. This discussion has been ongoing for more than three weeks but no notable progress is reported to date.
 The ONS was unaware of the MoHS and partners planned visit to Mile 6 on 28 October 2015.
- The “Resettlement Committee” led by MLCPE plans to hold an inter-ministerial level meeting on 28 October 2015.
- The National Security Coordinator (NSC) was expected to brief this forum on the GoSL detailed plan for relocation, but engaged in the transition planning meeting with the       NERC instead, thus was not present. A meeting will be called later this week to provide detailed brief on relocation.