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Market Assessment: Market Component of Cash & Voucher Feasibility Study, July 2013

Key messages that can be retained from the assessment are:

Although domestic food production has recovered since the end of the conflict in 2002 and provides a major part of Sierra Leone’s staples rice and cassava as well as pulses, oils, vegetables and fruits, the country remains in food deficit.

Households spend on average 63% of their total expenditure on food. Borrowing money to buy food is common (52%). Three quarters of the population rely on markets as their main source of food.

Markets in Sierra Leone are poorly organized, only partially integrated for the main commodities and conduct remains unstandardized.

Despite taking advantage of the good economic performance, inflation remains high.

The low number of customers on the markets could be explained due to their purchasing power, less diversity of food in the markets, and high fragmentation of markets.

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31 Jul 2013
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Assessment Report
Sierra Leone