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Philippines: TY Haiyan (Yolanda) Emergency - FINAL Protection Cluster Meeting Minutes, 17 January 2014

01. Proposed Agenda
1. Introduction, approval of previous minutes and adoption of the agenda
2. Updates:
-CP (update on school eviction
-Additional Protection updates
* ADTF Updates on Inclusion
* 3 Ws, protection update,
* Protection brief and Sitreps (info on Erica departure)
* Distribution on the morning / assessment workplan (FGD)
3. Discussions
-Accountability to beneficiaries
-Introduction of the new focal point in OCHA
-Information sharing on existing SEA complaints mechanism by all partners
-IOM presentation on DTM (TBA)
-Vulnerability definition
4. AOB

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United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
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17 Feb 2014
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Meeting Minutes
Internally Displaced People (IDPs)
Typhoon Haiyan - Nov 2013