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Protection Assessment STY Haiyan (Yolanda) 10 November, Issue No. 2

  • Information on the extent of damages and actual number of casualties remains limited because some areas remain inaccessible and power and communication lines remain cut off. 
  • Delivery of humanitarian assistance remains a challenge especially to isolated areas because of broken bridges and roads. 
  • Affected areas have been flooded and roads remain impassable due to fallen debris, destroyed electrical posts, and uprooted trees. 
  • Some IDPs have already returned to their residences hours after the super typhoon passed. However, IDPs whose dwellings were along the coastline have not yet been permitted to return. 
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United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Original Publication Date: 
10 Nov 2013
Document type: 
Analysis Report
Coordination hub(s): 
Cotabato Sub-Office
Typhoon Haiyan - Nov 2013