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NCPWG Meeting - Meeting Minutes

Agenda Item 

1.    MoM Review
1.1    Previous meeting MoM

2.    Supporting Service Delivery - Updates
2.1   Updates from NCPWG members
•    CP Needs, Response, Gaps/Constraints
2.2    Update on displaced affected population in Manila
2.3 Update from field CPWG coordination hubs: Tacloban, Ormoc, Roxas, Guiuan, Borongan
2.4    Updates on other clusters (i.e. Protection, Education)

3.    Accountability and Performance
3.1    Update on CP Monitoring
3.2    Update on 5W Analysis
3.3    Updates on CPWG Plan of Action

4.    Early Recovery – Transition
4.1 Government Engagement

5.    Current Agenda Items
5.1    CP Minimum Standards – Identified Priorities
5.2    CPWG Capacity Mapping

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Global Protection Cluster
Original Publication Date: 
16 Jan 2014
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Meeting Minutes
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Typhoon Haiyan - Nov 2013