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Humanity Road Digital Situation Report (regional)

Humanity Road has completed three activations for social media monitoring support in the past 12 days. While our volunteers will continue to support in social media monitoring as needed, we are now returning to normal digital response operations, to assist the public in finding much needed solutions (i.e.: 3W – who, what, where). 

Information Management and Field coordination on the ground in the Philippines has been established.  The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) established a Multinational Coordinating Center (MNCC), UNOCHA coordination is in place as well as the USA Joint Task Force (JTF).   JTF 5505 currently includes nearly 850 personnel on the ground and an additional 6,200 in the USS George Washington Strike Group. (Source, Picture).

Coordination information and situational reporting and 3W information can be found at /operations/philippines as international humanitarian response agencies deploy resources and solutions.  Our report today includes a recent information on field hospitals.

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Humanity Road
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19 Nov 2013
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Situation Report
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Typhoon Haiyan - Nov 2013