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Philippines. Communications with Communities Key Messages 27 November

 Media and communication infrastructure have largely been destroyed leaving little or no access in affected areas to internet, radio, TV or newspapers. Affected people are reporting
information needs not being met on critical life saving information about available aid, missing relatives, protection and health issues and evacuation and recovery planning.
 Preliminary indications from some of the worst hit areas, suggest that about 70% of affected people have no access to telecommunications and 90% do not have access to electricity,
meaning that almost no one has access to print, TV or the internet and only 50% have access to radio broadcasting. Without access to reliable information, rumours are reported to be
 Rumours continue to persist without accessible information - stories of a truck carrying aid supplies breaking down, quickly turned into a convoy of trucks crashing. It was reported that
community members fled their village after hearing of a tsunami two days after the storm. Rumours of the UN withdrawing support and trafficked children have generated fear among local communities.
 Challenges with coordination between national and local NGOs and affected communities with the international humanitarian response were raised through a consultation process with local
NGOs, civil society and voluntary groups, who were also affected by the typhoon themselves in Tacloban. Through this, a group of volunteer INGOs and NNGOs was established who have
agreed to participate in rolling out community consultations across the response over the coming months to establish a systematic feedback on the quality of the response.
 OCHA continues to liaise and coordinate with both the government and humanitarian partners towards strengthening communications with communities as key element to transparent and
accountable humanitarian programming. Involvement of government agencies, international and national and local NGOs, and the private sector including media and telecommunications is
crucial to achieve this.

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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27 Nov 2013
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Key Messages
Communicating with Communities
Typhoon Haiyan - Nov 2013