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Agricultural Livelihoods in Typhoon Bopha-Affected Provinces of Mindanao: Assessment of Impact and Recovery Opportunities

Key findings: 
The assessment results include the following key findings on Typhoon Bopha’s devastation to agricultural and fishing livelihoods:  Dependence on food aid – 63% of respondent households were dependent on aid as one of their top three primary sources of food  Dependence on cash aid – 37% of respondent households were reliant on aid in the form of cash-for-work or cash grants as their top source of income.  Agricultural laborer unemployment – 45% of surveyed agricultural laborers were unemployed.  Livelihood recovery challenges – Farmers, laborers and fisherfolk rank their top three recovery challenges: o Farmers – 1) Fallen coconut trees and debris on farms, 2) Inability to purchase inputs and 3) Lack of tools and inability to hire labor o Laborers – 1) Insufficient cash, 2) Fallen coconut trees and debris on farms and 3) Inadequate hiring of labor o Fisherfolk – 1) Damaged and destroyed boats, 2) Lack of tools and equipment and 3) Inability to purchase inputs7  Farmer cultivation recovery objectives – With very little exception, farmers plan to cultivate the same crops after Bopha as they did before the typhoon.  Status of markets – Agricultural buyers, traders, processors and input providers are ready to re-engage in market activities and are eager for relief efforts to support the recovery of the agricultural sector so that they can duly restore their livelihoods.  Role of input vendors in recovery – Input vendors are also keenly aware of the needs of farmers for short-term transitional recovery crops and are planning to stock up on vegetable seeds, rice seed, fertilizers and other inputs once the demand is clearly demonstrated
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Publicly Available
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28 Feb 2013
Report completed
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All affected population
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Catholic Relief Services
Region 10- Northern Mindanao
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Typhoon Bopha - Dec 2012