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Humanitarian Access in Pakistan

The objective of OCHA's humanitarian access work  in Pakistan is to enable humanitarian actors access to people in need to deliver assistance through analysis and  evidence based advocacy..more

Government Policies on Humanitarian Access


MFA, authorized signatories, Feb 2014
MFA, Note verbale  NGO  visa issues, Jun 2012
MFA, Visa application form, Mar. 2011
MFA, Visa extension template, Aug. 2009
MFA, Visa extension process, Sep. 2008

Project NOC

PDMA Punjab Project NOC Template
PDMA Peshawar, Format for Project NOC, Jun. 2013
PDMA Peshawar, Directive NOC, Dec. 2012
FDMA and PDMA websites, Online Project NOC template
NDMA, Policy for issuance of NOC's for tax free import of relief items

Travel NOC

Clarification Guidance Regarding Movement of Tourists Cases
Updated List of Prohibited Areas
Processing of Requests IRO Un Agencies/Persons/NGOs/INGOs Visiting FATA 30th November1 2015
Updated List of Prohibited Areas by MOFA
Ban on visits of Foreigners, Home and Tribal Affairs Department
Home Department Notification
Compliance regarding travel instructions by Home Department, KP
Letter from Home and Tribal Affairs Dept on restriction of travel of International staff to KP during elections
Temprory Ban on Visit of Foreigners
Travel NOC Template
Home and Tribal affairs dept KP, lifting restriction of 10 districts July 2014
Home and Tribal affairs dept KP , KP prohibited areas, May 2014
MOI,GOP confirmation on national staff NOC requirement May 2014
MOI,List Prohibited areas, Apr.2014
MOI, NOC to Foreigners to visit/prohibited areas, Jan. 2014
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FATA Sec. Law & Order Dept Peshaw Format for Travel NOC, Jun . 2013
Home & Tribal Aff. Dept KP, International Tourists entry points to KP, Nov. 2012
FATA Sec. law & Order  Dept Peshawar, Issuance of NOC to NGO's /INGOs/Jul.2012Mofa Circular Authorized Signatories (3.2.2014)
Home & Tribal Aff. Dept Balochistan, Policy guidelines on armed escorts to the staff of International Organization, Apr. 2012
Home &Tribal Aff. Dept Balochistan,  Issuance of Travel NOC to Foreign Expatriates ,Sep.2011

MFA, Instruction on movement within Pakistan, Aug. 2011
MFA, Open and prohibited areas, Jan.2011
NOC Performa for all diplomats and non diplomats in Pakistan
FDMA, Updated list denotified areas, 2010


MFA, Issuance of airport passes, Dec. 2012
Guidance on issuance of airport passes

MOU Regulations

Senate, Draft  NGO Foreign Contribution Bill, Apr. 2014
EAD, Letter to FATA Sec on NGOs' interim registration policy, Nov.2013