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Pakistan: Drought Fact sheet - Balochistan and Sindh

Pakistan is experiencing an increase in the frequency and severity of drought due to a rise in temperatures, the
adverse effects of El Nino and decrease in the amount of rainfall during monsoon season. In 2018, Pakistan
received 24.4 per cent less rainfall during the monsoon season, while Sindh was 69.5 per cent below average,
and Balochistan 45 per cent below.

Sindh faces moderate to severe drought conditions in 8 districts while Balochistan faces the same in 18 districts.
Assessments are showing that some 3 million people are affected in Sindh and 1.8 million affected in Balochistan.
Despite government relief operations, a significant number of drought-affected communities remained
unattended and are resorting to coping approaches that have severely compromised the wellbeing of children
and women.

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
13 Mar 2019
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Fact Sheet
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Inter-Cluster Coordination
Pakistan: Drought - Sep 2018