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In the aftermath of NWA operation, the Community Restoration Cluster was activated in FATA. Its first meeting was held on 30 June under the co-chairmanship of UNDP and FDMA. The meeting approved the response plan of the cluster amounting to $3.75 million for inclusion in the UN preliminary response plan for the NWA IDP crisis. The cluster has initiated mapping of capacity and activities of its member organisations in FATA and IDP hosting communities. Due to the issue of NOC to work in the IDP hosting area and limited available funding very few organisations have been able to respond to the crisis within the response plan frame work of the cluster. UNDP is supporting the PDMA Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the establishment and operation of grievance redressal mechanism. As a first step, a “Call Centre” has been established at the PDMA, Peshawar which is working 24 hours round the clock to register complaints of the IDPs and covey them further to the relevant departments for remedial action. UNDP has provided a total of 18 staff members which include 3 supervisors and 15 call operators to run the center.  For monitoring of relief work, two monitoring and evaluation specialists have been fielded to strengthen the capacity of the district disaster Management Unit, Bannu. UNDP is also planning to assist FDMA and PDMA in their planned assessment and mapping of public services to assess gaps and needs created by the influx of displaced population in the hosting areas. ILO is carrying out a cash for work and skills profiling exercise in the third week of July 2014. It plans to implement a short term employment project to support 2,000 families.