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SMART survey Preliminary Report-Nov-2014 TMK-Sindh Pakistan


The National Nutrition Survey (NNS)2011 indicates that malnutrition rates are very high (15.1% wasting and 43.6% stunting rates among under five children) at national level. Food security was also reported to be alarming, with around 57% of the 30,000 households surveyed nationally facing food insecurity.
Moreover, the NNS reports that the malnutrition rate and situation in Sindh province is worse than others provinces. NNS 2011 results for Sindh province indicated a very high rate of acute malnutrition, global acute malnutrition rate (GAM) 17.5% and severe acute malnutrition rate (SAM) 6.6%, moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) 10.9%, which is above emergency threshold of 15%.
The SMART Nutrition Survey conducted in 2013 by ACF International in order to continue monitoring of nutritional situation in TMK district reported that a GAM rate of 19.4 % and a SAM rate of 5.1%.
Initial response to improve the effects of the emergency in Sindh province, an alliance between partners was created and funded under European Commission Humanitarian Office (ECHO). Synergies were achieved when alliance members worked together on a set of common objectives. One objective was to mainstream nutrition in the overall intervention strategy and ACF-International has been the lead agency for this in TMK district, with a major aim of reaching acutely malnourished children under five years of age, pregnant and lactating women. For further elevation and assessment of nutritional situation and to make the program and its intervention more effective ACF has conducted a SMART nutrition survey in TMK District of Province Sindh.

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03 Nov 2014
Report completed
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All affected population
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United Nations Children's Fund
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Action against Hunger
Tando Muhammad Khan
Pakistan: Floods - Aug 2013