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Cash Based Interventions (CBI) have been used in multiple emergency settings as a way to support affected populations by reinforcing choice, dignity and accountability for the affected people aiding in the recovery of markets. Evaluations and reviews of past emergencies have indicated the need for much stronger inter-agency/ multi-sectoral CBI coordination and approaches on both a technical and strategic level.

The Pacific Regional Cash Working Group (PCWG) therefore seeks to strengthen collaboration on CBI in both disaster preparedness and response, and to complement the in-country formal coordination structures of the Government and the international humanitarian community.

The PRCWG is established as a working group under the umbrella of the Pacific Humanitarian Team (PHT) and will link with the broader regional coordination mechanisms, including regional clusters under the PHT. The PRCWG will take guidance from and report to the PHT Principals and Inter-Cluster Coordination groups.


Debbie Gourlay
World Food Programme (WFP)
Pacific Multi-Country Office
Cash Transfers and Social Protection