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A tropical depression between the 2nd and 5th April 2014, which resulted in heavy rain and flash flooding, left at least 23 people dead in the Solomon Islands, and over 10,000 internally displaced. The flash floods made a huge impact on the provision of health services as several health facilities in Honiara City Council and Guadalcanal Province as well as the National Referral Hospital at the central level sustained severe damages. As of today, some of these health facilities are non-fully functional or closed.After the floods, the health cluster partners in support to the Ministry of Health has responded and mitigated acute watery diarrhoea and meningococcal outbreaks and currently a measles outbreak. Consequently, there is a urgent need to re-establish the essential health services delivery and continue mobile clinics with outreach teams and temporary health care facilities as well as the rapid emergency rehabilitation of the damaged health facilities to support the affected population and communities.