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Training on Enhancing DRM in Agriculture
Tonga, 25 – 27 February

FAO, on behalf of the Regional Food Security Cluster and in support of the MAFFF-led Tonga Food Security and Livelihoods Cluster, will be providing training for Tonga-based organizations working in agriculture and food security.

Focus of the training: The training aims to introduce the concepts of DRR/DRM and on that basis provide an understanding of the institutional setting (actors, policies and planning frameworks, capacities) needed to:
  • Guide the transfer from reactive to more proactive disaster risk management
  • Promote proactive long term risk reduction strategies and measures as part of an integrated approach to DRM
Purpose of the training:
  • To provide guidance for institutional analysis and capacity development needed for successful disaster risk management planning & implementation;
  • To discuss institutional strengths and weaknesses of a given country’s transition process from response-oriented disaster management towards pro-active disaster risk reduction (focus on agriculture).

Target group: The training targets as much as possible DRM planners and policy analysts, but also DRM field practitioners, agricultural extension officers, field technicians working in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors at various levels (national, district/provincial, community), and researchers involved in DRM