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The water and sanitation sector (WASH) in Palestine has been in a chronic emergency for decades. The Israeli occupation of Palestine has led to a situation where Palestinians are deprived of the most basic water and sanitation services and emergency interventions are continously needed. Besides those chronic emergencies however, there also are more traditional, sudden ones. The repeated wars in Gaza, emergencies related to natural hazards such as flooding, or the electricity shortage in Gaza - all result in emergencies in the water and sanitation sector. In Gaza for instance, the summer 2014 war for instance left over 100,000 with no connection to water networks; the electricity shortage results in 40 percent of the Gaza population only getting water supply for 5-8 hours once every three days. In the West Bank, the frequent demolitions of shelters and water structures and the resulting displacements are leaving families with no access to water. Every time a new emergency arises, Palestinians achievement of their rights is further at stake - their health and environment further at risk.


Gregor Von Medeazza
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
Head of WASH
Yasser Nassar
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
WASH Sub Cluster Coordinator
Majeda Alawneh
Government of the State of Palestine - Water Authority (PWA)